Best Food Photography Backdrops A Complete Guide

Food Photography Backdrops

In short,

  • The foundation of your food photography composition is the background.
  • It is an indispensable tool for food bloggers, photographers, and shop owners to tell everyone about their food’s unique story.

Want to increase social engagement and website traffic with your bite shot by adding some spice?

Let’s find the best one that immediately elicits a WOW response before clicking!

What Makes a Good Food Photography Backdrop? 

Do you want to improve your photography skills in order to attract more photographers clients or expand your business?

When it comes to styling brownies or beauty products and creating delectable looks, backdrops are the best option for food stylists, product photographers, and food photographers.

Let’s take a look at some of the food photography backdrop’s characteristics below to help you choose the best one.


The first important factor is texture, which comes with elements like wood grain, rusty tiles, or speckles, making your photos look beautiful.

Do you want to increase the depth, aesthetic feel, and interest of the composition? On the off chance that you believe that your watchers should be attracted, take a stab at utilizing a foundation with a surface.

Note: Buy backdrops without too many textured areas.


Contrast work as a form of texture to further the narrative of the dish. For instance, rough vintage tables, a stained baking tray, or paint that is peeling can all add beauty.

However, you can also choose a white marble surface with a tile pattern and streaks against grey paint and other colors.

Note: It’s possible to become overwhelmed by too many patterns and lose focus on the main topic.


The feeds that Instagram manages are overflowing with fresh and vibrant food photos. Have you ever noticed how the background and backdrop are colored together?

Excellent, neutral, and desaturated colors abound. Additionally, it lends food photography a voice and perfectly complements the food narrative!

Pro Tip:

If you want to convey a modern and punchier vibe, use bright colors.

Brightly colored fresh vegetables, peppers, and herbs can be paired with grays, white, or black.


There are numerous food photography backdrops available in a variety of materials on the market. However, you can avoid stains, splashes, and spills by using one that is durable, waterproof, and simple to clean.

The most common materials for food photography backdrops are listed below.

  • Paper or cardboard can be inexpensive and feature photo-realistic textures. But water and wrinkling can easily affect its thin surface.
  • PVC is the most suitable material for printing because it is rigid.
  • Cover – Lightweight, sturdy layer, waterproof, and made with cardboard.


Two feet by three feet is the ideal size for food bloggers, content creators, and do-it-yourself food photography backdrops. In addition, the size is determined by the best view from various camera angles, such as level up or above.

However, backdrops larger than 2 feet by 4 feet should not be purchased when shooting landscape orientation.

For your imaginative artwork, the majority of commercially available food backdrops come in a variety of sizes.

Non-Reflective and Glare

Are you just getting started with food photography? A matte surface that does not reflect light can increase value rather than the former.

Additionally, as you work on your composition, lighting, and camera settings, you won’t have to worry about reflections.

Expert Advice: Utilize a strong, non-intelligent foundation and survey the surface yourself by watching surveys on YouTube.


The kind of pictures you want to take dictates this quality.

If, on the other hand, you intend to use it frequently, you can opt for a backdrop that is easier to store and transport.

Additionally, you can bring those anywhere and at any time to your food photography session.

Best Food Photography Backdrops for Photographers 

It is time for your photographs to reflect your imagery.

But there is a problem: Where can you buy the appropriate backdrops for your food photography?

Nothing further! We compiled a list of the best businesses that offer a wide range of color and size options that complement the majority of backgrounds to address these issues.

Thus, you don’t have to adhere to the hazier tones. Let’s showcase your dish with a lot of texture and wooden backdrops.

What hues enhance the flavor of your food? Or perhaps you are simply unsure of which component to include in your setup. Color theory determines whether a dish will stand out or fall flat in food photography.

Seamless Background Paper

Seamless Background Paper

Do you dislike food photography backdrops with dark textures? After that, you can use paper with seamless backgrounds instead.

Both Selens and Evanto seamless paper are rollable and made of cardboard, making them ideal for creating airy food photographs.

Due to their low cost and recyclability, paper backdrops are popular among both amateur and professional photographers.

Positive Negatives
Patterns with light hues emphasize the delectable and tempting food view. Strong and thick
Viewers are compelled to eat right away by the more realistic and lighter textures. tear, dirt, and crease easily.
Easily fits in a medium spread or a large dish. heavyweight
Avoid reflection and the necessity of over or underexposing the background. Difficult to convey for the on the spot photograph meeting
Offer 50 different colors and shades.

Note: Maintain seamless paper backdrops in a dry location to prevent moisture buildup.

Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl backdrops come in a variety of textures for food photography, such as tiles, marble, concrete, steel, and so on. If you prefer products that are made of wood, vinyl is not the best choice for you.

Using the backdrops as walls, however, you can create stunning flat-lay photography. In addition, a variety of photo surfaces in a variety of colors and structures are provided by the backdrops.

Positive Negatives
Perfect for messy food styling and product photography. Very heavy.
Easy to clean The printing resolution is not that high (not for close-up or macro shots).
If you shoot in natural light, avoid reflections and light reflections. The “matte” surfaces aren’t 100% matte.
Offer professional-level results. When the backdrops are stored and rolled up, they will experience horizontal bumps.
It can be used as a floor drop and a backdrop.

Note: Avoid using chemicals because they can damage the surface image.

Foam Board 

Did you know that amateur photographers can afford professional-level photography’s trade secrets?

Foam is the standard and most widely used background. Nonetheless, you can redo it by adding designs and colors.

But on the other hand, they’re extremely intelligent, giving a scene a decent backdrop illumination impact.

Positive Negatives
Simple and Budget-friendly. Get dirty quickly and not sturdy.
It gives fine, finished, and quality images. Suitable for smaller product scale.
Lightweight Not recyclable.
Easily transportable Change color under much moisture or sunlight.
Used as a reflector
It can be mounted using removable adhesives.

Note: Foam boards should not be displayed in damp areas like the kitchen.

Collapsible Backdrops 

The foldable backdrops are stylish and useful backdrops that are available in a variety of colors to suit any mood or circumstance. They are utilized not only for food photography but also for professional headshots.

On the other hand, these backdrops come in a wide variety of materials. They can be purchased on Amazon or from any online retailer.

Positive Negatives
Compact, portable, durable, & foldable Little bit pricy 
Work as a flag or reflector Not water-resistant
Hassle-free background options Damageable 
Easy to clean and maintain
Offer two backdrops in one.

Velvet Backdrops 

Do you want to show your audience or photography client an aesthetic view? Or would you rather persuade people to eat with their eyes?

The best choice for food photography backdrops is velvet, which comes in a variety of colors and provides a lovely base that matches most luxury goods.

It is a woven fabric with a feel that is semi-reflective, soft, and pure.

Positive Negatives
Non-reflective No machine wash or iron
Versatility Not for every day or any situation used material
Light absorbing Colored velvet is not as popular as satin, paper, or vinyl.
Affordable price for only synthetic velvet-like material

Canvas Backdrops

If you want a backdrop with a painterly appearance without a lot of patterns or heavy textures, a canvas backdrop is the best option.

A piece of material with a texture is used to create the background, which is then painted or screen printed by professionals to give it an imaginative feel.

As a result, they are regarded as one of the best DIY backdrops for food photography and are excellent for portraits.

Positive Negatives
Variety of colors and designs Heavy
Easy to store Expensive
Washable  Not water-resistant
Open up creative opportunities
Study backdrops compared to paper or vinyl.

A Pro-Tip: By creating a tangible backdrop for your photography portfolio, you can promote your business.

Ikea Linnmon Table Top 

The minimalist matte white or colorful food photography background looks great on the Ikea Linnmon table top.

As a result, they work well with messy food photos and are ideal for recipes.

They are suitable for use in both small studio spaces and home studios, despite their size (3 x 2 feet). Additionally, you can pair it with any and all dishes.

Positive Negatives
Lightweight compared to most food photography boards. A little bit pricy
Sturdy and good finish Require more space to store
Easy setup 
Handy to use and clean up

Note: The Ikea Linnmon is a muted white that needs to be brightened or whitened after it has been processed in order to look like the real thing.

Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles 

Fired and porcelain floor tiles offer various completions like – marble, stone, and surfaces. Likewise, it frequently comes in matte completions.

They are available at any home improvement store. Both tiles are made of clay that has been mixed together.

Is it safe to say that you are selling an item, captivating clients into a café, or persuading them to attempt a recipe? These two tiles make excellent backgrounds for food photography in a pinch.

Positive Negatives
Offered in a wide range of styles Heavyweight
Easy to clean Easily breakable
Stain resistant Not ideal for storing or moving around
Water-resistance Not easy to install
More expensive

Kitchen linens and cloths 

Kitchen clothes and linens are the easiest things to move around in for food photography. A variety of kitchen linens and fabrics are typically available to commercial photographers for enhancing composition, color, and depth.

Notwithstanding, you can purchase kitchen materials and garments from any kitchenware store.

Positive Negatives
Cost-effective Very fragile
Easy to use Easily stains & tear
Available in different shapes, colors, and sizes
High-quality material
It does not fade or shrink

Natural parchment paper 

Do you want to make your main dish look even better? Make use of natural parchment paper. For baking, these paper products are ideal.

In addition, combining white and brown paper can produce a view that is more realistic. Consequently, parchment papers are regarded as an excellent backdrop for tabletop setting photography.

Additionally, parchment paper can give your masterpiece an authentic feel.

Positive Negatives
Non-stick surface Stainable.
Moisture resistant More expensive.
Easy to clean
Heat resistant

Where to Buy Food Photography Backdrops 

A story is told through the use of backdrops in food photography.

Everything, from the best camera and lens for food photography to props and lightning, elicits emotions and prompts viewers to immediately think, “YUM.”

Do you want to make your viewers hungry, encourage them to cook, or get them to order something?

Let’s take you to a well-known location with the best backdrops for food photography.



Are you looking for trendy design and high-quality material for food photography backdrops?

Foodboardshop is one of the best backgrounds and surface providers for food or product photography in the Netherlands. They can be used on websites, social media, and blogs.

Additionally, the backdrops have a waterproof matte coating, making their removal for multiple purposes simple. Additionally, food photographers developed all of them.


  • Material that is resistant to stains and dirt, resists water, is durable, and is easy to clean.
  • Offer backdrops in a variety of sizes.
  • Plaster, stone, concrete, and industrial designs in fashionable hues and styles.
  • It is lightweight and simple to transport, clean, and store.
  • Offer free shipping within the Netherlands for orders over €69, but ship internationally.
  • Delivery within one to three business days is quick.

Note: They deny any responsibility for harm.


Located in Manhattan, New York City, B&H is a legitimate American retailer of video and photo equipment.

As versatile photography backgrounds and backdrops, there are collapsible, seamless paper backgrounds, chroma key backgrounds, muslin and fabric backgrounds, vinyl and PVC backgrounds, metallic backgrounds, floors/floor drops, and so on.


  • Provide a variety of designs and accessories that are appropriate for product photography, headshots, and family portraits.
  • Serve muslin and video backdrops that don’t reflect light.
  • Cleanup is quick and effective.
  • high-quality backgrounds that fold up.
  • Design that can be reversed, with various colors and patterns.
  • Provide a selection of support kits and stands.

Savage Universal

Are you a creative photographer looking for the trendiest or most outlandish backdrops to give your photos a more aesthetic feel?

Savage Universal has a wide selection of smooth, seamless paper, painted canvas, collapsible backgrounds, green screens, and muslin backdrops, among other options, to meet your needs.

Savage Universal is a well-known and authorized design firm in the United States that helps artists and graphic designers consistently create their images.


  • Offer backdrops at a reasonable price.
  • Provide a selection of timeless textures, sizes, and colors.
  • Easy to set up and provide a space-saving solution.
  • professional backdrops that are strong, long-lasting, and heavy.
  • Backgrounds that resist wrinkles


Make savings. Walmart says, “Live Better.”

One of the biggest retailers and most well-known corporations in the world is Walmart, an American discount store chain.

With a special offer, you can get backdrop kits of the highest quality here. You can buy anything you want from this huge online shopping mall.

Along these lines, their motto is “Set aside Cash. Enhance Your Life


  • Provide cost-effective pricing.
  • Acquaint you with various brands and retailers.
  • Provide a single location for a variety of collections of backgrounds and backdrops.
  • Serve various varieties, sizes, plans, and surfaces.

Club Backdrops

Do you want to improve your photography and Instagram? You can achieve your goal with Club Backdrops.

The brands Photography Backdrop Club and Club Backdrops are owned by Pineapple Express Limited in the United Kingdom. Food, product, portrait, fashion, video, social, and flat lay photographers all use their backdrops.

You have two backdrops here: backdrops for canvas studios and vinyl photography.


  • Backgrounds that are both eye-catching and reusable.
  • Amazing tones and unique surfaces combo.
  • Stain-resistant and waterproof.
  • Offer a 25% discount on multiple-set orders.
  • Professional backdrops that move.
  • Supply two sizes: 2×3 and 3×4 feet
  • matte finish that is flexible, durable, and of high resolution.
  • Simple to clean.



You must be familiar with Etsy, a global marketplace for creative, unusual, and one-of-a-kind goods.

Here, you experience a large number of purchasers and a local area of vendors who serve various surfaces, materials, and varieties of settings.

You can access a variety of photography surfaces from one location, including the white backdrop.


  • Offer backdrops that are affordable.
  • Sets of various sizes and designs.
  • Provide a selection of high-quality finishes and textures.
  • ideal for a variety of food photography shoots.


What is the ideal size for a backdrop for food photography?

The best backdrop for shooting food directly and flat lays is 2 feet by 3 feet. In any case, to shoot from the side or at a point to catch a more extensive scene, you can purchase 30×40″ backgrounds.

But you don’t need a big one like flat-lay clothing photography, product photography, or furniture photography.

Why does my white backdrop look GREY? 

If not enough light hits the background and makes it appear white, the problem might occur. Additionally, it may be underexposed.

To resolve these issues, you can raise the exposure so that the camera can record white as white. Or, if you need to, you can use diffusion.

Which shade of background is best for food?

Your storyline determines the background for your food photography. Let’s say you want to represent food with a warm tone. As a complementary color, you can use a background with cool tones like black, white, grey, blue, or purple here.

Other factors are as follows:

  • A minimalist approach to food art is represented by the solid background color.
  • Using a rustic background helps convey a healthy image of fruits and vegetables.
  • The pastel background creates a fashionable and appealing appearance.
  • The wooden set has a simple, generic appearance, etc.

Note: Colors that are overpowering or bright will distract from your main point.

Why is food photography dependent on color?

Everybody should feature a legitimate and sensible view that gives the watcher a characteristic vibe, from food marking to the eatery business.

We should take a gander at a few fundamental jobs of varieties beneath:

  • Make your food’s branding better.
  • Think about how you dress and how you see the dish.
  • Add a texture for a more appealing appearance.
  • Set the mood.
  • Incite a viewer’s appetite.
  • Add depth and interest to the image.

A Pro-Tip: When photographing food, use the color wheel to avoid mixing more hues or colors.

How do you select a food photography backdrop?

You can give your food photography context and meaning by using a contemporary backdrop. Here are some crucial pointers for selecting one:

  • First, pay attention to your storyline and photo composition.
  • Avoid using shiny materials because they may obscure the main point.
  • Utilizing decorative backgrounds is not recommended if you work with them.
  • If you don’t want a background, keep the color neutral.
  • Use cool-toned backgrounds to make your food stand out if you’re working with warm-toned food.

A Pro-Tip: Because it gives you six different options for photos that are either light and airy or dark and moody, you can use three double-sided backdrops.

Wrap Up 

“Makes photography fascinating” – Conrad Corridor “Contrast.

To entice your audience to discover the untold story and engage them with the image, each and every finishing touch is essential. As a result, having the best backdrops for food photography is essential.

After all, you don’t want to show off a savory pancake or stuffed sandwich.

We hope that by reading this article, you will encourage your readers to eat with their eyes by providing food photographs with a realistic and authentic appearance.

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