Creative Earrings Photography ideas for Ecommerce

Earrings Photography for Ecommerce

Jewelry is loved by women. Earrings Photography and jewelry have an irresistible relationship. “Beauty is who you are, and jewelry is simply the icing on the cake,” as Misty Burgess once says. Among different kinds of gems, studs are the most adored and purchased by ladies.

You are aware that the crowded e-commerce market makes it difficult to remain competitive when selling online. Your jewelry business can only survive with compelling product images.

It seems easy to photograph earrings, right? It isn’t, though. There are a few subcategories: hoop, stud, drop, chandelier, cluster, threader, and so forth. The number of different styles and props required to photograph earrings increases with their variety.

In addition, to assist you in photographing earrings for e-commerce stores more effectively, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts.

Let’s get going.

Preparation of the Creative Earrings Photography Setup

We’d like to give you some creative setup ideas for photographing earrings before you get started. Your photographic products will undoubtedly see an increase in demand as a result.

1. Basic Camera Settings  

Practical-looking stud photographs are fundamental for online business destinations, particularly Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, and Walmart. The product will not be sold if the photographed image fails to impress customers. For product photography of this kind, you need a jewelry-specific camera with precise settings.

Aperture mode should be set to f/11 to f/14, and ISO should be set to the lowest setting, usually 100 to 200.

It takes earrings photos with a combination of clarity and focuses if you use manual mode with an f/14 aperture and the appropriate shutter speed. To avoid blurry images, keep the aperture at f/18. Remember every one of the elements so you can take exact and excellent studs shots.

2. Pick the Right Lens

camera lens

Due to the small size of earrings, close-up shots with either prime or macro lenses are necessary. You can start with a macro lens with a focal length of 60mm or a prime lens with a focal length of 50mm.

For jewelry photography, the typical focusing distance of 16 to 18 inches might be ideal. As a result, you must choose a lens with an aperture of f/2, f/5.6, or f/11. The depth of field (DOF) is greater with a smaller aperture.

For jewelry photography, we’ve compiled some options from well-known brands like Canon and Nikon. That may make your choice easier.

3. Use Tripod  

When taking pictures of earrings, you need a tripod. When shooting, it can support the camera. With a tripod, you can change the angle of your earrings without changing their position because they can be small or big. Remember that commercial product images must adhere to the same guidelines as those used on Amazon when taking photographs of products.

4. Choose the Right Backgrounds 

All you need to photograph earrings for e-commerce stores is a clear background that makes them more visible. For product photography, some well-known e-commerce sites like Alibaba, Walmart, and Amazon require a white background.

Notwithstanding, you can involve different foundations for adornments also. The right foundation can cause the crowd to notice the hoops. So it will be ideal assuming you pick a hoops foundation that spotlights the ideas and style.

4. Lighting (Natural- Artificial) 

For earring photography, the best types of light include a diffuser and a soft, even light. We all know that reflections make photographing earrings difficult. It makes its color less vibrant and unnatural.

Earrings are best photographed in the sun’s rays. Light from both natural and artificial sources can sparkle and bring out the details, cuts, and curves. However, keep an eye out for unwelcome or overexposed reflections.

5. Use a Mannequin Bust or Cardboard  

A common technique for photographing earrings is the mannequin bust, which is used to artistically demonstrate its shape and design. You can give the drop or chandelier earrings a sense of elegance and make them stand out with the black busts. You can use cardboard or a jewelry clipboard, but the white will make your earring photo look much better and more realistic. Cut the two upper sides of a piece of cardboard to make it easier to hang, then cover it with white or colored paper.

Making the backdrop, on the other hand, might take longer if you use cardboard. Therefore, for photographing big or drop hoop earrings, the bust of a mannequin is a much better choice. We can even use models to make the photos of your earrings look real.

6. Props and Materials 

Props for photographing earrings aid in their accuracy. Because you can’t accurately place these stud earrings, cardboard can be of great assistance when photographing them.

However, when photographing drop, hoop, or dangle earrings, the transparent thread or strings aid in the elongation of the earrings and give the images their natural shape. Even if it takes some time, you can achieve the desired result if you know how to hang earrings for photography.

How to Take Impressive Earrings Photo 

Due to the increasing number of opportunities for online shopping, the product photography is now in high demand. So in this aggressive web-based business world, you need to make amazing shots to stride up in the game.

Let’s examine your method!

1. Clean Earrings Before Shooting  

Use transparent or cotton gloves to clean the earrings to remove fingerprints and improve their appearance.

Clean the earrings of any dust or small hairs with a dust blower. Then, polish your clothes to bring back the earrings’ shine, but don’t use polished clothes on soft stones or pearls.

2. Be Creative

When it comes to taking pictures of jewelry items, you need to be creative in a way that makes people want to buy them. As a photographer, you can style the background to blend seamlessly, make use of props, and set up the lighting to not distract from the subject.

Be careful not to overcomplicate your frame. Keep in mind that you are taking pictures of items for sale. Because too much of something could ruin your product photographs, use your imagination to its fullest potential.

3. Try Different Angle  

Customers may become bored if they browse the online stores and view product images from the same angle. Therefore, selecting the best angle for clearly displaying its details is crucial, and you should even try to use multiple angles to assist you in selecting which one to use for the A-listed earrings photograph. Any other way, you won’t ever know which photograph is drawing in additional clients.

4. Focus on Precision

When shooting earrings, precision is essential. Clients love to see the items exhaustively.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to concentrate on the product details. Additionally, the quality of the product images may be questioned if they are not sharply focused.

5. Manage Reflections  

Distractions can result from reflections from the details of the earrings. It hampers the entire execution. Reflections can be a real challenge when photographing models wearing earrings at times.

To look regular, you want lighting arrangements for the model and the items. Bring a diffuser or even a large white sheet to soften the lighting and take close-up photos of their earlobes while they are wearing them in this scenario. Even you can control your thoughts by

6. Think About the Composition   

The most crucial aspect of making your product photo stand out is its composition. Don’t think you have to put your camera on top of the earrings to take a picture; Think about it differently.

To make pictures that are pleasing to the eye, use the rule of thirds and leading lines. You can also get the attention of the audience by using interesting props that you style with your earrings.

7. Consider the Depth of the Field 

The depth of field is the distance between the closet and the farthest sharp objects. It varies based on the camera’s aperture, focusing distance, and type. It provides stylistic opportunities for you.

The earrings’ finer details are more prominent the deeper the field of view. Use the shallower DOF for full products only; It is only for more in-depth shots.

8. Retouch Your Photo

Because of the shiny gemstones, metals, pearls, diamonds, and gold, retouching is an essential part of jewelry photography. It is harder to avoid unusual shadows or shiny reflections.

Therefore, using the editing software, the only method for enhancing the details, removing flaws, and adjusting the color, white balance, and lighting is photo retouching. For better results and cheaper retouching costs, hire professional photo retouchers online if perfection is your goal.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Photographing Earrings  

Making mistakes is normal. So don’t worry about it; you just need conscious eyes to spot the errors. There are a few common mistakes that photographers make when photographing jewelry. We’ve provided some earrings photography tips on how to take better pictures while avoiding mistakes.

1. Incorrectly Displayed Earring 

Your earrings will look odd and take longer to edit if they are not straight and sag on the frame. For e-commerce stores, keep things simple and use white backgrounds instead of bright colors. The focus of your earrings photography will be diverted if you mess up the environment.

2. Inconsistent shooting  

When photographing earrings, poor photography can result in unusual shadows, a lack of focus, low tonal contrast, and an imbalance of whites. To avoid blurry images and color mismatches, set your camera’s optimal focus point to a high setting and enable automatic white balance.

To get accurate, detailed pictures, use even, soft lighting to get rid of uneven lighting and unusual shadows.

3. Visible reflections  

The apparent reflections are one of the cruelest parts of hoop photography. Earrings are mostly shiny things, so it can be hard to control their reflections when shooting them. Use matte surfaces instead of shiny ones. Place or hang your jewelry in a flat, stable location. A long, white, seamless backdrop can be hung and swept to prevent reflections when shooting directly.

4. Shaky Images

To attract viewers, jewelry fashion photography must be accurate.

How great is your lighting arrangement, or how well do you style the photography foundation for your studs in the event that the pictures are hazy and conflicting?

It has a significant impact on how the audience perceives it. For crisp, professional-looking shots, use a tripod to set the aperture and ISO precisely.

5. Group Photos  

Avoid using irritating group images to determine which ones look best on them. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they see a single, high-quality image, which also raises the value of your brand.

6. Unnecessary Background  

Keep your history brief; Most of the time, trying to be different doesn’t work well.

The more straightforward your product backgrounds are, the more your client will zero in on your item. Therefore, a seamless background of light grey or white is preferable; You can use a black background on occasion, which also allows for some market.