How to choose the best background color for a product photo?

Choosing The Best Background Color

Good quality and professional product photos can make a big difference in how customers choose your brand.

While quality photo post-production is essential. But quality product photos start with your shoot. In this article, we’ll try to describe how to make the most of your shoot by selecting the right colors for your image background. We’ll also share a few best practices to help you for getting your product photos to the finishing line looking great and ready to wow your customers.

In this article you will get:

  • Why Background color matters
  • Types of color
  • Identifying the product’s color
  • Getting the perfect color for your product background
  • Why Post-production essentials
  • Adding backgrounds after the shot
  • So do you need a white background?

Why Background color matters

Photos tend to be your chance to showcase your products or services and inform your brand’s tale. Just what better way to do so than making use of color to evoke the state of mind that is the right feel? Color can take an otherwise ordinary product and also make it pop the page off.

In accordance with one survey, over three-quarters of online consumers price product photographs as extremely influential inside their buy-that is an online decision. Throwing together product photos by having a history color that does mix sets you not at a drawback from the start.


Choosing The Best Background Color


Not only does color help display your merchandise more distinctly on the internet as well as in catalogs, but it also features an effect that is subconscious people’s emotions.

Color is just one of the many tools which can be effective in expressing emotions. Studies of involuntary actual reactions, such as attention movements, brain activity, and heart rate have indicated that whenever we come across colors, they trigger a rather quick reaction that is strong. Colors talk to us for an unconscious amount that is non-verbal, writes Monika Lindquist, marketing and advertising strategist at marketing research firm Stray Light.

Using color strategically, you can easily evoke the thoughts you need your buyers to feel when interacting with your brand and items. While frequently an afterthought in advertising and business, shade can go a long way that is long affecting your visitors and may play a role in the way they relate solely to both you and your brand name.

The color that’s right will not only allow you to highlight your product or service features; however, the correct color background really can make your services and products become more active. In accordance with an analysis carried out during the Seoul International Color Expo, 90% of respondents believe visual elements are the most important when purchasing products.

Also, 22% of comes back occur as the item appears different in individual than it performed in the photos. The colors you choose for the shoot aren’t in order to create your item look great; they could expect from their purchase; they reveal to buyers exactly what.

Comprehending the role color performs enables you to make the right choices for the shoot, but how can you pick the background that is correct for your product pictures? That is dependent on a truly wide range of factors.

Types of color

Mainly there are two types of colors in a basic color wheel and these are the warm and the cool. In a basic color wheel, the violet, the blue violet, the blue, the blue green, the green and the yellow green are the cool or the cold colors and the yellow, the yellow orange, the orange, the red orange, the red and the red violet are the war colors. There are more types of colors which are the primary, the secondary and the tertiary but these are not necessary for the current case.


Choosing The Best Background Color

Identifying the product’s color

Identification of the color of the product is one of the most important tasks for choosing the best background color. Just before we have learned about the different types of colors and if you have a clear concept of the color types this step will be much easier to perform. Just look at the color of your product and identify the type of it. If the product is multicolor, see the repeated color or the color which is used the most. Identifying the color of the product is important because the color of the background totally depends on it. 

When deciding on your background color, one of the things are important consideration is the color or colors of your product. Some of the colors play well with others and some do not so much.

Before your shoot, confirm with your team which products capturing that is you’re making a shot list to help and spend an hour or so auditing the colors of each. You can decide on multiple backgrounds to experiment with throughout the shoot if you have a wide range of product colors.

A background is just a safe choice but can come with some disadvantages, which we are going to discuss below. A light or color that is neutral works great for most products.

Choosing The Best Background Color


Cool color for the background can help the things really stand out If the product you’re shooting has huge of warm tones. Using a light background by having a color that is dark or vice versa would give your image a completely large amount of comparison, which will be especially useful when shooting product imagery for your website. Says the design manager of Clipping path manager, Mariya Nazz. Alternately, matching the product and background with similar tones would make a calmer that is much more image that is nuanced and could look more sophisticated but have less pop.

Whatever background color you select, you wish to obviously have the ability to see your item. A clear sign you’ll want to try something different if the background overshadows the product or makes it difficult to see, that’s.


Choosing The Best Background Color

When shooting, make clear the product or thing you need to feature shines. The backdrop should never distract the viewer’s eye from the subject that is main. You don’t want loud, patterned backdrops.

Finding the balance that is right down to experimentation. Keep in mind that you can change the background color in post-production by employing a color correction service in the event that the shoot doesn’t go exactly based on the plan.

Getting the perfect color for your product background

As you have identified the color of your product let’s jump into the next step which is getting the perfect color for the background. This is the easiest also a most important step in choosing the perfect background color. For this step, you need to look at the color wheel. Choosing the opposite color of the product color would be very perfect when the product is of a single color without any model but in the case of multi-color or the presence of the model, the process changes a bit. You have to hunt in the color pallet and find out the best background color for your product and that color must highlight the product and make it shine.

While product color has perhaps the impact that is largest on which color background you should use during your shoot, there are some other considerations to take into account as well.

Models vs no models

More than half of these fashion websites that are top use people within their product photos and most work with a mix of ordinary background and lifestyle item photography. Versions can certainly assist further enhance your item pictures by showing what they appear to be in actual life. In the event that you intend to make use of models through your shoot, it is essential to consider model hairstyles, clothing, and tone that is also epidermis.

Keep in mind, that models play a role that is important in showcasing your products. But in many situations, they shouldn’t function as the focus that is primary.

Spend time along with your team and photographer and think through how your model’s hairstyle, clothing, and skin tone work with your historical color in order to make your products or services shine. When possible, establish whom your models come in advance, along with which background colors you’re hoping to utilize.

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Additionally, before your shoot, it’s useful to produce looks that are multiple themes beforehand, so that you know what you may anticipate. Working with a stylist might help make sure your also models and items complement one another too. If you do want your models to be the main focus of your shoot, contemplate using less “flashy” colors to help keep the focus on it. “Make sure your model wears clothing that is non-distracting solid color is best and picture somewhere having a background that isn’t too busy. Sometimes, shoots with models require more than simply a color background that is solid. Lifestyle photography also can have backgrounds being contextual in this particular case it is still crucial that you consider which colors will be.


In addition to considering your item’s colors and models if you plan on having any, don’t disregard the importance of lighting to improve your photos. Effective utilization of illumination could possibly be a huge difference frequently between a ‘meh” product shoot and another which includes your team beaming with pride.

Will your shoot location have daylight? Or are you going to count heavily on flash or illumination that is indoor? If shooting outside, don’t neglect to prepare around the weather as that can somewhat influence your overall illumination. Having a backup location is often a way that is excellent arrange for the unexpected

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Pro tip: Take more shots of what you think you need

Photoshoots require lots of time and resources to accomplish, which explains why it’s a good idea to just take more shots you will need than you would imagine. Test out various illumination and take to perspectives that are different. The greater pictures you have got, the greater options you’ve got during post-production.

It is more straightforward to invest more time regarding the shoot and have more photos you had when you begin post-production than you’ll need or wish. Besides, you can take out Our Services

You Should use a white background?

White could be the many backgrounds that are common by standard, as well as for valid reasons. Is A good variation that is small white can allow you to stand out. Also, if for example, the product is white, it may need a little bit of modifying and lighting to have right when using a history that is white. This is one of the biggest white backgrounds Service provider company

Also, numerous e-commerce marketplaces, like Amazon, need a minimum of one item picture to truly have a background that is white.

The issue, nevertheless, is it’s not hard to get ‘lost. while a white background color is a common choice’ Some experts which are imaginative also consumers think white backgrounds become a small ‘boring.”

There is undoubtedly nothing incorrect with employing a few different colored backgrounds to see which one looks best, but the backdrop that is white has its advantages.

Complement your brand colors

To obtain the absolute most from your own product pictures, remember that they should match your brand name colors. The thing that is final wish would be to have a handful of quality pictures that do not match your site and brand name color theme.

For this reason, planning your shoot in advance can be so important.

Utilize a tool like HTML colors Codes  provides you with a basic idea of which colors work most likely useful together

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Analyze where your product photos will be shown

Not just do your product photos need to look great on your site, but you also need to look at the context of one’s photos for any other placements such as a display that is in-store on social networking.

Social networking: A background that is basic is often a safe bet, but please feel free to try out more ‘creative designs’ during post-production. The suitable image sizes for sharing on social media marketing channels throughout the entire shoot, bear in mind. It is possible to crop, add filters, and get innovative that is extra publishing product photos on Instagram and sometimes even Snapchat utilizing the modifying tools designed for each platform.

Remember, your product shoot can be a time that is excellent to create quality digital assets for advertising and great for repurposing your image assets later on.

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In-store signage and shows: If you plan on making use of your item photos for in-store shows and signage, ensure you’re due to the fact throughout your shoot. In-store shows typically have to emphasize your product’s main benefits and rates in a manner that is easy to read and often relies heavily on text.

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Catalogs: Despite 2 full decades of email and media that are social stealing the show, catalog mailings are steadily increasing since 2015. If you plan on making use of your photos in a catalog, spend an element of that in your mind for your shoot. With catalogs specifically, lighting and the persistence of colors are especially crucial.

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Ultimately, wherever your pictures will be shown, context issues: 40% of online shoppers want to contextually see your products. Whenever shoppers are able to see the product in use, they can envision deploying it inside their lives being own.

Start with a neutral color

The play that is safest and closest to a standard white background, neutrals like off-white, grey, or beige can emphasize your products online. The neutrals won’t distract from your own product, but it additionally lets you use yet another aesthetic.” that is artistic

Background Color For A Product Photo

You’ll test out other historical colors and textures while you get yourself a better feel for exactly how your products or services look when using a foundation that is strong as white or basic colors. Don’t feel as if you have a photoshoot if you have to be perfect from the beginning; you are going to gradually get yourself a better idea of what really works each time.

If you’re trying to find more choices to think about, we penned an article that is in-depth about nine alternatives to white backgrounds. You can Visit the Page here

Align with your eCommerce platform instructions

Having pictures look great is important in making your products or services be noticed, but remember various e-commerce platforms have actually various instructions.

If you should be attempting to sell products on e-bay, as an example, they currently need item pictures to have a white or history that is grey. While not straight associated with the color of one’s photos, you also want to make sure your pictures are high quality at the required image sizes for each platform that is specific.

Before your shoot, get acquainted with what’s needed for the platforms which can be main intended used to display your products or services. Here are the latest demands for Amazon, for example.

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Why Post-production essentials

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far. By making only a changes being few what color background you utilize, you can dramatically improve your shoot’s quality and success. That said, even with the perfect product pictures, post-production is crucial when planning on taking your photos the mile that is last.

In the same way, in a book that is well-written through hours and hours of editing, quality product photos require modifying as well.

In post-production, you’ll want to edit and modify the lighting, and size of your photos, and make any edits that are extra as cropping. While post-production can often help you ‘save’ a poorly executed photo shoot, you want to make post-production as easy as possible with proper planning and a clear strategy for your shoot.

Bad lighting the day of the shoot? No problem, a photo can be utilized by your editing tool to help improve the illumination.

Capture a few things which can be unwanted in the background while shooting? You can remove those since well in post-production

Adding backgrounds after the shot

The most effective facet of post-production could be the power to change the background color you used during your shoot. Often you merely will not have an ideal product that is colored shooting that’s okay! You’ll need, you can always add the color afterward if you can’t discover the colors. We have a Service that is excellent at incorporating color into your product images in case your shoot doesn’t go as planned.

While there are many tools that are great both free and paid) online, never make the mistake of using post-production gently. In the same way, post-production could make your pictures jump from the page, bad post-production can easily make a great average that is shoot.

It’s right though it often is like the actual shoot is the most challenging part, there are a lot of “little things” that go into getting. If you are unhappy with just how your product photos turned out, or need help making your backgrounds look better, all of us developers will help.

So do you need a white background?

This question is mainly asked by the questioner himself. As many e-commerce platforms like Amazon require at least one product photograph with white background, you might need one and so this question’s answer depends on the platform. If you need to sell your products on a huge e-commerce platform, it is highly recommended to get at least one photograph with a white background.

While color is essential, the stark reality is, that there is absolutely no “best color.” The colors you select be determined by what you’re trying to convey together with your item pictures. This requires some planning that is strategic for your shoot.

As much associated with research on switch color for conversion rates, “The color associated with the button has the effect that is little-to-no a unique. In addition important is exactly how it changes the hierarchy that is visual of the page and exactly how it creates the call-to-action stand out.”

While there are many ‘best methods’ out there to greatly help pick the colors which are right only a few items (and backgrounds) are created equal. Depending on your photographer’s direction and go fully into the shoot with a few options which are different to avoid wasting each day of shooting.

When you wish to add some color to the background, think about exactly how those colors may impact shoppers being online. Are they complementary to the colors of your brand and item? Will they persuade shoppers to buy? Do they resonate along with your brand name? You have to incorporate color towards the background of white or transparent items.

Finally, “Whether it’s a product or portrait photography or any such thing in between always thinking about the subject regarding the photo and what feeling it will evoke for the viewer, both alone plus in context regarding the frame.

Hey, if you’re looking for a background removal service, check out our ones. We have a dedicated team of graphic designers for only the background removal services. We also have a full package of services specialized for e-commerce product photographs. With a qualified team and fully satisfying delivery at a low price, what else do you need?

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